Prestige Park Grove Plots

Prestige Park Grove Plots are situated in Whitefield, Bangalore. These Plots are located in the most famous location of Bangalore. The innovative digital generation is looking for exclusive homes decisively created with modern facilities that enable these home investors to be in sync with everything. Health, wellness, and connected amenities is the prime aspect they are looking for, and with Prestige Park Grove in Whitefield, we aim to raise their lifestyle through a City in Synchronize approach. Planned by leading landscape architects, Prestige Park Grove Plots has vast acres of unified gardens. Prestige Park Grove Price Bangalore is an exclusive all-in-one township and earmarked land for its own private and enormous clubhouse in Bengaluru. With a huge-acre residential complex and many plots for villas and apartments, this township is set to be one of Bangalore's poshest and most stylish locations! Prestige Park Grove Plots Whitefield is the pre-launch housing plotted development in Whitefield, Bangalore. The housing enclave is the best in Prestige Group's luxury living segment. Attractive landscapes, vast open spaces, and a wide-acre artificial lake all around Plots in Whitefield make it more special & Exclusive. The builder is definitely to bring a quality living experience to the community of Whitefield, Bangalore, with dazzling architecture and a corresponding lifestyle in Prestige Park Grove in Whitefield, situated at the heart of the entire Project. The project location has outstanding connectivity & it is located at the heart of Bangalore near existing and upcoming societies & facilities.

Project Overview
Type Plots
Total Land Area Not Available
Total Units Upcoming
Plots Type NA
RERA No Pending
Launch Date Not Available
Pre-launch Date Coming Soon
Completion Date 5 years from launch
Possession Date NA


Prestige Park Grove Plots is a futuristic Township Mixed Development project by Prestige Group in Whitefield, Bangalore. The Project comprises plots, apartments, and villas over 80 acres. The Project is named Prestige Park Grove. This Project's area of 80 acres is earmarked for residential development. This agile Project is the best residential destination of the city today, and the demand for homes here is skyrocketing. Whitefield is an established and rapidly-developing employment hub of the town. The region was a calm, old, laidback area, with its inhabitants mainly involved in traditional activities until recently. The launch of the Kempegowda International Airport in the city initially fuelled the overall growth of the town. The developer of this elite Project, Prestige group, is one of India's most trusted names in real estate. This reputed developer has a well-deserved and well-earned reputation for developing sophisticated and modern projects in ideal locations. Located within the peaceful settings of Whitefield, the Project is close to the city and all its modern conveniences.

Important Dates:

  • Pre-launch Date: To be announced
  • Completion Date: 4 years from launch
  • Possession Date: Immediately after Completion

This agile development is located in Whitefield, Bangalore, one of the prime real estate hotspots of the city today. The locality has good connectivity with the city and other vital areas through broad roads and flyovers. Stage 2 of the metro will further improve connectivity. Whitefield is easily accessible within a short distance from all central locations of Bangalore via the well-developed road. This region is also accessible to other corporate hubs. The airport expansion was soon followed by the developing multiple tech parks and global offices here. This further enhanced the region’s attractiveness and heralded a further surge in the number of residents. Whitefield has today firmly established itself as a prime workspace in Bangalore.

Whitefield currently ranks as one of the best residential hotspots in the city of Bangalore. The incoming of new people gave a thrust to the residential realty market of the neighborhood. Several residential developments have been established in the locality, with several more projects underway. The region also has an excellent physical structure with great facilities and connectivity to other parts of the city. Robust social infrastructure is the hallmark of the locality, with several world-class hospitals, educational institutions, malls, hotels, and shopping areas. Whitefield is the perfect residential destination for those looking for peace while having every modern convenience available.

A luxurious mixed-development project in Whitefield will offer various residential real estate options. The Project launched in Jan 2022 is predicted to be completed by 2027. This development has something for everyone, with various residential options featuring elegant villas, luxury apartments, and premium plots. The plotted development will encompass massive acres of land comprising well-developed plots of varying sizes. There will be 30*40, 30*50 & 60*40 Plots that will suit the needs of every buyer.


Whitefield is a top trending investment destination in Bangalore in the eastern areas of Bangalore. This place has been prospected to be flourished as the best township of the city. Whitefield's serene and composed topology makes it the right choice for residential settlements. The forthcoming Information Technology Investment Region (ITIR) is expected to bring many business investments. Additionally, a Tech Park and Financial City are anticipated to shape up in KIADB developmental area. These new business happenings are predicted to create assertive job opportunities, catalyzing this area's housing market. Whitefield's Social infrastructure has been swiftly expanding to include reputed schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, and shopping complexes. Renowned schools and colleges in this area are many. Some of the reputed hospitals in the area are the best.

Whitefield is one of the best emerging localities in East Bengaluru to invest in for a prospective customer looking to buy real estate in Bengaluru. Not long ago, Whitefield was a small area where no builder was interested. However, the site has completely changed since yesterday. Since Bengaluru's IT thunder, a lot of change has happened in the once-isolated area. What was once unproductive is now dotted with significant IT parks, houses, and giant malls. Here are the main reasons buyers of dwellings in the current market should consider this area. Whitefield can no longer be called a small, outlying area. It's one of the city's most well-connected neighborhoods. Because of the enormous accessibility improvements, Whitefield inhabitants can move around the city. The two main roads linking Whitefield to the city's prominent business districts are HAL and ITPL Main Road. These two roads are in perfect condition, making commuting through them a breeze. This area also has a station from which you can travel to other city regions on local trains. The Namma Metro expansion is the most exciting introduction for people in Whitefield. This Project's second phase will link the extensive metro rail network to Whitefield.

The thousands of employment created in this region result from the IT thunder, which served as a driving power behind Whitefield's growth. Particularly the e-commerce industry is driving this expansion with companies here. Many young people have moved to this area due to the expanding job market. Two significant benefits flow from this for those looking to buy a home in Whitefield. If you work here, having a home in this region will enable you to reside closer to it. Second, Whitefield is the best area because there won't be a lack of tenants if you want to buy real estate as a future investment. You can predict a much higher standard of living in Whitefield than in any other neighborhood in Bengaluru. In Whitefield, multiple high-rise residential developments have come up to accommodate the city's enormous population. One of the ideal housing projects in the area is Prestige Park Grove, which offers unrivaled luxury comfort. You can get more from the residential apartment complex than a house in an older part of the city. In addition to its spacious, open interiors include a pool, a luxurious clubhouse, and many squashes and badminton courts. Apartment projects in Whitefield have much more freedom to offer and better amenities because the area is still developing.

Additionally, real estate in Whitefield is generally less costly than in many other areas of the city. This means you can buy a large, spacious house in this stunning location for the same price as a small apartment in another Bengaluru. All the luxuries required for a modern lifestyle are available in Whitefield. Here, many offices have opened. However, this does not mean that life in Whitefield is only functioning. This welcoming community has several sizable malls, including Forum and Inorbit, where you can disburse your free time shopping and going to the movies. In Whitefield, there are many dining establishments and bars where residents can unwind. Several well-known colleges and schools are located in this area, with the Bangalore School being the most notable. It is a very convenient and secure area because many hospitals and emergency rooms are nearby.

Whitefield's real estate costs are relatively low, but this will only last for a while. Property prices are rising because development in this area is accelerating astoundingly. Your apartment will therefore be worth much more in the future for the same current price. Whitefield is quickly rising to the top neighborhood in Bengaluru for home ownership. Whitefield has housing options for everyone, whether you are a first-time home buyer or an experienced investor looking for apartments or villas. Visit Prestige Park Grove on Whitefield in the center of Whitefield for the best properties if you consider purchasing a home here. Thanks to our exquisitely designed apartments and opulent amenities like swimming pools and cutting-edge gyms, your new home will feel like a paradise on earth. Go to the Prestige Park Grove right away and choose wisely.


The liberalization and export policies brought with them a transformation in the essence of Bangalore. The relaxed speed of Bangalore and its inhabitants had earned it the designation of retirement metropolis for the longest time. With its excellent buildings, beautiful climate, and peaceful people, this became the clear choice for the IT enterprise to establish itself. Bangalore today is an energetic, cosmopolitan metropolis of India that attracts many new inhabitants yearly. Numerous job options attract inhabitants from other parts of India and worldwide. Owing to this, the real estate demand in the city today is undergoing a boom and rapidly developing. Several contemporary areas seamlessly blend into the city, and Bangalore proliferates in every direction. The physical and social infrastructure results have kept pace with the city's growth and are advancing exponentially. Bangalore is today one of the two swiftly growing and developing metropolitan centers of the country and is balanced for greatness.


A township is a diverse development project with residential and commercial offerings for its residents. Designed to consist of multiple residential options, the boundaries of an integrated township will also have social and civic projects. With massive areas for apartments and villas within the premises, this township is a mini self-contained metropolis within a city. This premier mixed-development township project in Whitefield is designed to meet every need of its inhabitants. Spread over 80 acres, it will have villas, apartments, and a plotted development comprising massive acres. This mixed development provides its inhabitants with the following:

  • Luxury residences
  • A combination of residential options
  • Commercial facilities close to the homes
  • Convenient access to malls and entertainment zones
  • Safety and Security
  • A powerful sense of community


The growing popularity of Whitefield as the most sought-after retail and residential region can be directly credited to its seamless connectivity. The seamless connectivity of Whitefield to other parts of the city is achieved through many good roads. The presence of the country's second-largest global airport has further expanded this locality's stature. The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation delivers excellent travel arrangements via continuously transiting semi-luxury and Volvo A/C buses. The Airport-taxis and other personal transport companies offer nonstop service to this region. The airport-linkway is a 37 km Blue-line metro network joining Central Bangalore to Kempegowda International Airport with around 17 stations. The upcoming Metro-Rail network will aid in traffic-free, high-speed traveling.


The builder's primary one has several benefits to investing in this real estate development. A project by the Prestige Group is a premier facility that will be created using the most modern techniques. The best grade of raw materials used is paramount in every Project undertaken by the developer. As with every Project of Prestige Group, this real estate development will offer elegant villas, gorgeous apartments, and premium plots. The township project will feature many things, meeting every resident's desire. All these things will be under the care of a tight security force on the position round-the-clock. The Project will be well connected to the city and see fast growth in the neighborhood. Multiple new residents move into Whitefield, ensuring good rental revenue and resale value. With property prices steadily rising in the area, an investment here is a positively safe decision.

Whitefield Location Advantages

The Kempegowda International Airport, based here, triggered a massive influx of personnel engaged in the air terminus into the area. The locality began to evolve rapidly following the development of the international airport, and several work epicenters were soon established here. Whitefield is now emerging as a central IT hub in the city and is the location of various tech parks. Several more seats are under development in the neighborhood, including the Aero SEZ, International Tech Park, and Science Park. Whitefield is the residential location of alternative for large numbers of individuals working in the various workspaces in the neighborhood.

The air terminus and the multiple workspaces in the neighborhood have propelled an upswing in the housing real estate market. Professionals hired in these work hubs have recognized the benefit of residing in Whitefield and have moved into the area. Home investors in Whitefield now have a wide array of developments to choose from, created by every reputed builder. The large land tracts available in the region have enabled builders to create various local projects. These projects include opulence apartment enclaves, elegant villa communities, and premium plotted developments, and the buyer is spoilt for choice.

Another significant advantage of investing in the Whitefield neighborhood is that residential projects are available to suit every budget. Today, real estate building companies are developing residential projects that range in price from affordable to luxurious and high-end. Buyers must decide on their budget and purchase property within their chosen price range. Whitefield is easily accessible from every other city locality, and Roads can easily traverse the distance. The neighborhood is highly accessible and well-linked to other regions in Bangalore via the fully developed and comprehensive Road. Phase 2 of the city metro will connect it to the international airport and improve growth connectivity. The inhabitants of the locality also have access to various well-established social structures, which include famous hospitals and educational institutions.


Prestige group is a class-A real estate builder and one of the most reputed brands in the Indian real estate industry market. Plots in this township are assured of the best quality, as excellence is the main focus of the builder. This Project will include many top-class, luxurious conveniences and good commercial options. Real estate in Whitefield is increasing, and investing in this Project is an excellent decision. Ease of connectivity to various work junctions and critical areas in the city is an added advantage. This township is one of Bangalore's most expected real estate housing projects. The resale price of real estate in Whitefield is at an all-time high as investors view this area appreciatively. It is located in one of the rapidly growing neighborhoods of Bangalore. The buyer is assured of reasonable rental income with increasing numbers of new inhabitants moving in. Property at this Project will surely appreciate.

Prestige Group

Prestige Group is involved in the real estate business. The business group was launched in 1986 and has grown into one of the most loved firms in the country. The company's diverse portfolio has entered various sectors, including real estate and hospitality. Prestige Group was established in 1986 and is fast growing into a prominent builder in the Indian real estate market. A force to build within the real estate sector, this firm is well known for its best-quality development projects. This trusted builder development company had developed several landmark creations across the country, altering the skyline of several locations.

Well-reputed for its fascinating projects, Prestige Group has a vast portfolio that ranges from plotted developments to luxurious apartments. This socially-conscious realty development company has been developing low-cost housing and has successfully built several affordable residential development projects. The real estate development company has also produced numerous luxurious, premium, and sophisticated residential projects in various regions across India.

The real estate builder pays keen attention to the areas of its projects and is well known for its work. Prestige Group projects are always located in the most fastly developing and upcoming sites, assuring home investors of excellent returns. This superb return on investment is a significant benefit of investing in properties developed by Prestige Group across the country. Properties by Prestige Group are always in demand in the rental market, and home buyers can earn a good income. Every Prestige Group development project is built to the highest standards, showing the builder's keen and beautiful attention to detail. Meticulously designed and executed according to the highest construction standards and utilizing modern techniques, Prestige projects are architectural masterpieces.

Projects developed by Prestige Group have many world-class amenities designed to provide the inhabitants with a comfortable lifestyle. Inhabitants of development projects by this esteemed real estate development company live extraordinary lives in residences beyond compare. These outstanding plot units are lovingly designed and developed to elicit the highest levels of client satisfaction. Prestige Group strives to be an eco-friendly and leading company and has incorporated several significant initiatives in its residential projects. Every real estate development by this company guarantees investors high-quality homes with a low impact on the earth.

  • Beautiful Apartments and Plots in a Gated community
  • Privacy and Security
  • Commercial projects
  • Good Returns

Prestige Group is a genuinely holistic company with a wide range of residential developments. The builder's portfolio is vast, with a wide range of residential products, from apartment units to plotted developments. Prestige Group pioneered the concept of superior housing solutions in the country. The developer also has several high-end, ultra-luxurious developments under its belt. Every Project it launches incorporates the most modern techniques and the highest quality of materials.


1. What is the location of Prestige Park Grove?

It is located at the excellent and upcoming location of Whitefield in Bangalore.

2. What is the RERA status of Prestige Park Grove?

The plotted development of the Prestige Park Grove project has received RERA approval.

3. What is Prestige Park Grove?

This Project is a luxurious mixed real estate development, a seamless blend of residential real estate options spread across 80 acres.

4. What is the legal status of Prestige Park Grove?

This Project is a modern development project that consists of premium property with clear titles free from all legalities and impediments.

4. What is the total area of the Project?

The Project will span 80 acres.

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